• The college has undertaken Mission approach to redefine the goals and objectives of spreading education to meet the need and aspiration of the region at par with changing times. For this the college has endeavored to build itself a pioneer institution with all possible academic and infrastructure and other edu-friendly facilities available to the students in particular and to all the stakeholders in general.
  • Dhemaji College has the Mission of the best practice benchmarking approach as an inductive approach to quality management in higher education with a focus on innovative practices and continuous improvement. As a Mission approach the College consideres Education is a social process. The institution of higher education not only have the social responsibility of application of best practice, but also an equal social responsibility of dissemination of these practices for wider application in the system. Hence, the college adopts the following strategies in its Mission approach for the successful application of best practices:
    • Identification of best practices with innovation
    • Institutionalization of best practices. iv. Internalization of best practices
    • Dissemination of best practices.


  • Being the oldest and premier institution and after successfully spreading the higher education in the region, the college has now the vision to remain as a nodal institution of higher learning in the district along with ensuring continuous quality development with innovative best practices.
  • The college feels the responsibility for upgradation of edu-friendly environment in the district and hence to act as a institution with big push towards this direction by providing technical and institutional support to different stake-holders is a part of its broad visionary document.
  • To provide value added modern education for sustainable development is an objective of the visionary goals of Dhemaji College.
  • As a leading instutition of higher education in this district, Dhemaji College sets the vision to impart technical support and knowledge for overall development and empowerment of the people in the region.
  • The college has fixed its vision to make the institution as an Ideal Centre for preservation and upliftment of rich ethnic culture and other traditions in the region.
  • The college sets the vision to link different educational, research, development and other agencies for sharing the knowledge among different stakeholders in development process.
  • The college has the vision to set up a network of Library System to link up the libraries in the district.
  • To introduce need based courses for providing broad and better scope to the learners for skill development as a part of vision of the college.